3 Stories of Police Officers Being Real-Life Superheroes

It is understood that in order to be a police officer you must be brave, quick-thinking and a problem solver. In moments of extreme pressure and conflict, police officers rise to the occasion and become real-life superheroes in order to help, serve and protect the community and its members. Here are three stories of local law enforcement officers putting fear behind them and putting their lives on the line in order to help others:

New Jersey Police Officer Saves Unresponsive Newborn Baby in a Train Station

After responding to a call regarding a “medical event” in a women’s restroom, Officer Bryan Richards of the New Jersey Transit Police Department sprung to action when he realized that the baby girl that had just been born in the bathroom was gray and unresponsive. He started giving the newborn chest compressions but realized that the baby needed serious medical care. He instructed his fellow officer to drive them to the hospital as he continued to give the baby compressions in their police cruiser. When they reached the hospital, the child finally began to breathe. Thanks to Officer Richards heroic actions, the child is now healthy and thriving. To learn more, read the full story here.

Texas Police Officer Runs Into Burning Home to Save Family

Socorro police officer Joshua Gonzalez didn’t hesitate to help when he found out that there was a family trapped inside a burning mobile home. After running into the smoke, Officer Gonzalez found two adults and one 8-year-old child. Once advising they cover their mouths to avoid inhaling the smoke, he picked up the kid and ran outside, ensuring the child was safe with neighbors. You can read the full story here

California Law Enforcement Officer Saves Man in Wheelchair from Oncoming Train

Officer Erika Urrea of the Lodi Police Department was patrolling her route when she saw a man in a wheelchair that appeared to be stuck in the train tracks. The railroad crossing arms began to lower and Officer Urrea ran to the man in order to help. Unable to get his wheelchair out of the track, she pulled the man from his chair and dragged him to safety just moments before the train collided with his wheelchair. The man suffered from a leg injury but Officer Urrea’s actions ultimately saved his life. To learn more, you can read the story here

Our local law enforcement officers are real-life superheroes that truly embody the characteristics of our favorite comic book characters. They are brave and put others before themselves in order to serve and protect our community. When you see a police officer on duty, be sure to take a moment to thank them for the incredible work that they do! 


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