CARSTAR T&S Body Works -- Standing Up for What You Believe In

As a local business leader and father, Scott Look understands the value and importance of a well-run and well-funded police department. After witnessing the unrest and divide in the country that resulted from a turbulent year, the local CARSTAR T&S Body Works president decided to stand up for what he believes in and pledge his support with True Blue Tempe. 

Becoming an Advocate for Local Law Enforcement

Scott believes in supporting the local police department through a number of methods but most importantly through proper funding. Business leaders are heavily dependent on police officers both during and after hours in order to maintain law and order, as well as keep individuals safe. By investing in local law enforcement, police officers are able to efficiently do their job and serve their community.

Scott’s respect for law enforcement was instilled at a young age as his father was a police officer in Detroit. On top of this, he also played softball in a city league with a group of individuals that were all police officers. He had so much fun with them that many of them are still his friends to this day. Scott encourages others to understand that police officers are just like everyone else -- they all experience their own journey and have their own stories to tell. 

How Other Business Leaders Can Show Their Support

On top of pledging with True Blue Tempe and utilizing the resources available on its site, Scott also plans to get more involved with local law enforcement-based community events to further support his police department.


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