Police Organizations to Support & Ways to Give Back

True Blue Tempe’s driving mission is to positively recognize and support Tempe’s local police department, as well as other organizations doing their part to support police locally, and nationally! Although it’s not always possible to give direct donations, there are plenty of other ways to back the blue on community and country-wide levels. See below for some amazing organizations that support the men and women in blue.

1. Tempe Police Foundation

The Tempe Police Foundation was established more than ten years ago. Since 2008, this group has been working to solicit and accept donations on behalf of the police department to fund specialty units, programs, and initiatives that might otherwise lack the right amount of monetary backing. They also donate funds to police officers facing critical illnesses and disabilities. The non-profit’s board members include retired police officers, community members, and business owners.

2. Tempe Mounted Patrol

The Tempe Mounted Patrol Unit was established in 1974 by two officers, Jim Phillips and Loren Wunderle along with their mounts, Mopaho and Radar. Now, it consists of seven horses, one sergeant, two full-time officers, 13 reserve officers, one part-time groom, and 18 teenage volunteers. As Tempe has grown significantly over the past couple years, they focus most of their efforts around the Downtown and Mill Avenue areas.

3. Tempe Officer’s Association

The Tempe Officer’s Association was formed in the late 90’s as a way to bring Tempe’s sergeants and officers together. They support the Tempe community and police department through charitable giving and their promotion of public safety programs. Similar to the Tempe Police Foundation, they also support law enforcement officer’s undergoing illness, distress, or death.

4. National Association of Police Organizations

The National Association of Police Organizations works on a country-wide level to support police in every state. This organization is a very well-known non-profit, and for good reason! They facilitate donations, hold events, and have member benefits.

True Blue Tempe wants to encourage community members all over to demonstrate their support for law enforcement in any way they can! Here are just a few ways to support local police:

1. Donations

Giving back to Tempe’s police department through a donation is an excellent way to be supportive. Even a small donation can play a part in better safety and training programs, which in turn, make the overall community a better place to live.

2. Social Media

Posting something positive on social media is another great way to back the blue publicly. Word of mouth truly can go a long way, especially when it comes to showing support for police officers. Posting a positive experience that involves a local officer is simple, fast, and free! (Make sure to tag their department so they can see it and repost it.)

3. Personal/Station Gifts

Another way to show support is through a small surprise or gift. Buying an officer coffee, or leaving a few gift cards at the station will definitely make their day.


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