Tempe Business Owner Creates True Blue Tempe to Support His City’s Police Department

Local Resident Starts Advocacy Group to Stand Behind Law Enforcement

Mike Bradley, a Tempe business owner, recently created the advocacy group True Blue Tempe to encourage other business leaders to stand together to show their support for their local police department.

After witnessing national support for law enforcement waver this year, Bradley created the group so other business owners could lend their voice to stand behind their police department. As of now, 11 local businesses have pledged their support and True Blue Tempe has a goal of having 100 businesses sign up by the end of 2020.

“As a business owner whose own father was a police officer for 18 years, I understand the value of having a police department that is backed by its local community,” Bradley said. “Our police officers help to maintain law and order which means mutual respect and support is necessary in order for society to flourish. This in turn establishes a safe environment for businesses to prosper. When law and order is compromised, businesses suffer.”

Business owners can pledge their support on True Blue Tempe’s website, as well as gain access to valuable resources including guides on small business crime prevention, tips on how community members can engage with police officers, and small appreciation gift ideas.

Bradley has also partnered with Tempe Police on this initiative and plans to do all he can to support the department.

“When Mike first reached out with this initiative, we were blown away by his passion and thoughtfulness, especially during a time of wavering support this year,” Assistant Police Chief of Tempe Michael Pooley said. “As our officers see this growing support from our community it encourages them to continue to do the great work they have always done.”

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