Spectra Electrical Services -- Being an Advocate for Local Police

John Brunia, President of Spectra Electrical Services, is an active local police supporter who is working to encourage other community leaders to stand behind local police forces. Recently, he pledged his support and joined the True Blue Tempe advocacy team. Although his company has (luckily) never been in a situation where they needed to call the police, he is confident that local police are a necessary component for the safety and wellbeing of communities.

Spectra Electrical Services Advocate for Tempe Police

John supports the City of Tempe Police department because of their dedication to providing the city with an array of frontline services each and every day. In his eyes, it’s incumbent upon business owners to lead by example in support of the police department, in order to foster support for the community as a whole. When local leaders stand behind their police departments, they are showing other community members that safety and protection are a top priority.

Why Other Businesses Should Stand Behind Local Police Departments 

Current events have caused many business owners across the country to be hesitant in showing their unity with the men and women in blue. To John, it’s more important than ever to reconsider these hesitations and uncertainties regarding local police forces. The City of Tempe, and all local police departments, provide so much more than just the enforcement of the law. When in doubt, John encourages other business owners to fall back on their core values and go from there.

Even though support for local police departments is often seen as controversial, Spectra Electrical Services strongly believes small businesses need to band together, and support these civil servants even during these difficult times. Whenever possible, John’s business donates to various law-related charities to aid in financial burdens.


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