ECD Systems -- Being an Advocate for Local Police

For Mike Bradley, the president and CEO of local security and life-safety solutions company ECD Systems, his appreciation for police officers and their commitment to the communities they serve started at a young age. His father was a Phoenix police officer for 18 years and retired before Mike was born, however he shared stories as Mike grew up and ingrained a deep respect for law and order. On top of that, as a business owner and leader, he understands risk management and the burden that comes with making hard decisions.

Mike has had personal experiences with police officers within his own business, including two times when someone accidentally set off the silent alarm system. Both times, the police responded immediately and although each time was a false alarm, the officers were kind, courteous and professional -- always erring on the side of caution to ensure that their community and its residents were safe.

ECD Systems Advocates for Tempe Police

Due to their personal experiences and background, Mike and his business partner Ben Wilson have decided to take the stand to show their support for police officers and the Tempe Police Department as a whole -- this is why he has signed the pledge with True Blue Tempe. Mike believes that businesses thrive best in a community where civility and trust are prevalent and respected, as well as where law and order are a valued part of society.

Within ECD Systems, Mike is sharing his support of local police with his staff to ensure that they understand his stance on the police department. He explains to his team the value of good policing in society and how it benefits their business, as well as the community as a whole. Mike is also teaching his staff how to demonstrate respect for police officers and how to show appreciation for them and their hard work. Additionally, plans are already in place to reimagine their annual Christmas party to be an outdoor event with employees, their families and the City of Tempe police department. By doing this, Mike hopes to show officers how much he and his team value their work and dedication to the community. This will also give employees and their families the opportunity to mingle with local police and get to know them and their stories better.

Although showing support for the local police goes beyond monetary donations, Mike has also pledged financial support for training programs that the police department might not otherwise be able to afford.

Why Other Business Leaders Should Show Support for Local Police

Advocating for excellent law enforcement is good for business. Business owners are natural leaders who have the power of their integrity to influence and motivate those around them. Mike believes that business leaders have an obligation to educate their employees to uplift company values to the surrounding community and even influence the political landscape by being vocal about their support for the local police department.

Mike firmly believes that business leaders must stand together for what they believe in, without fear of people disagreeing with their beliefs. By standing united for a greater cause, business leaders can influence powerful change and make a positive impact on their local police department and community.


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